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 Saudi Water Partnership Company


Introduction of Saudi Water Partnership Company (a single-member limited liability company)


The resolution of the Council of Ministers No. 494 dated 5/8/1438H extended the scope of the work of the Company as the Principal Offtaker of water to include the purchase of desalinated, purification, treated, and untreated water in addition to co-generation, and the Minister of Finance provides the credit support to the Company to support its financial solvency of the signing of long-term purchase contracts within the framework of the principles stated in the Council of Ministers Resolution No. (181) dated 9/6/1425H, in accordance with the terms and conditions set by the Minister of Finance, the transfer of ownership of the company in full to the Government, with the agreement on corporate governance and contracted projects.


The Ministry of Finance owns fully (100%) the Saudi Water Partnership Company and the Company's capital is SR (100,000,000) One Hundred Million Saudi Riyals.


Company Objectives


Tendering of plants and projects of desalination, water purification, sewage water treatment, and co-generation for the private sector (i.e., IWP, IWPP, STP).

Tendering of water storage tanks projects.

Tendering of projects for the construction of dams for the purpose of providing drinking water.

Tendering of water Transmission System network for all types of water.

Purchase and sale of water (desalinated, purified, treated, and untreated) and electricity and the conclusion of the necessary agreements.

Purchase the fuel needed to achieve its purposes.

History of the company


Earlier, following the Resolution 5/23 of the Supreme Economic Council, the company was established as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in 2003, owned 50% each by Saline Water Conversion Corporation and Saudi Electricity Company, where the main purpose of the establishment of the company was to purchase water and electricity from private sector projects and sale of water to Saline Water Conversion Corporation and electricity to Saudi Electricity Company.



To ensure adequate water production capacity in a competitive and transparent manner and drive local content development and private sector participation.


Delivering secure, affordable, and sustainable water resources and services to KSA residents in partnership with the private sector.

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