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Open data is the data that can be freely used, reused and published by any person with no technical, financial or legal restrictions, subject to the requirements of the legal license of publishing such data.

 Publishing open data is one of MEWA's initiatives that aim at creating a central point for offering open data for MEWA Portal users and drawing a strategy for open data that targets increasing beneficiaries' awareness of statistics, reports, studies, etc. This is carried out with the aim of promoting transparency and encouraging and enriching e-participations from the perspective of a well-informed and cultured society. 

 This platform offers data groups published by MEWA in formats that can be easily processed and reused. E-participation channels receive beneficiaries' views and suggestions about developing the platform and making use of its published data.


MEWA's main goal from establishing this open data platform is to create a single central point for making open data available for the beneficiaries of its Portal. This will be achieved in the light of a strategy and policy that govern access and use of data, with the aim of spreading knowledge, promoting transparency, encouraging e-participation and supporting decision making based on users' interaction with the data.

MEWA is committed to making the open data available for all users. It will also work on constantly developing the data, increasing ease of access and use, and enabling maximum benefits.
The open data library includes many file formats that can be displayed or downloaded by users including Excel files that users can display after installing Microsoft Excel. It also includes CSV files, that can be displayed with many tools, including Excel, Notepad, etc; XML files that can be displayed with different web browsers, Microsoft Word or Excel, Notepad, etc; HTML files that can be displayed by different web browsers or Notepad; and TEXT files that can be displayed using Notepad and many other tools.

Users can access the required data through searching for the category of the data in the digital library. Users can set data type in the menu, and specify the sector of the required data, for example Environment Sector, Water Sector, etc. File menus of this data will be displayed as groups that contain a certain number of data, after reaching the required data, users are free to display, use or download it.
If you have any difficulty while trying to use the data, please contact us.

Terms and Conditions

All MEWA Portal visitors are entitled to read, use and reuse the files and data available on the Open Data page.

All users are invited to read the terms and conditions of using open data and abide by the following controls while using the data:

• Logging into and using the open data library is deemed to be an approval to abide by the terms and conditions of this policy;

• Reusing the open data available on MEWA Portal is the responsibility of the user, subject to avoiding any mistakes or alterations in relation to the data content, source and date upon reuse;

• The data should not be used for any political purpose, in supporting illegal activities, in racist comments, in any act of instigation, or in inducing negative cultural effect that contradicts with the customs and traditions of the Kingdom;

• The source of the data should be referred to upon reusing or publishing such data.
• The data may not be used in a way that indicates that the user is an official entity or that he was especially licensed to publish the data.
MEWA is not responsible for any mistakes or missing data in the open data, or for any applications or intellectual products based on such data. MEWA is also not responsible for any damage or abuse of any entity or individual as a result of reusing the data. MEWA doesn't guarantee the continuous availability of the data or any part of it, and shoulders no responsibility towards data users.

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