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Terms of Use

MEWA Portal is an important communication and interaction channel between MEWA and services beneficiaries. As any two-party relation should be based on a clear foundation and criteria to strengthen it and guarantee the maximum level of benefits, MEWA Portal has drawn up this policy that sets terms and conditions of use in line with laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Our Commitments

Driven by MEWA vision and mission, and in pursuit of achieving the objectives of its Portal, we seek to provide the best services to our clients. For visitors to understand in details what the Portal does to achieve these objectives, we have outlined the main commitments of the Portal as follows:


MEWA Portal Terms of Use


 This is the Portal of the Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture (MEWA), (hereinafter referred to as MEWA Portal or the Portal) and it's available for the personal use of any visitor. Visitors access and use of this Portal is subject to this Terms of Use and to the applicable laws in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Visitor's access and login to the Portal is deemed to be an unrestricted approval to the Terms of Use, whether he is a registered user or not. This approval is set to be valid from the date of the first use.

 Since its launch, the Portal seeks to provide the best services and information that the visitor or user may need in relation to the different MEWA activities and services. The main objectives of the Portal as set clear in its vision and mission are:


·      Preserving the environment and natural resources and sustainably developing them;

·      Achieving water security;

·      Contributing to achieving sustainable food security;

·      Achieving sustainable development of relatively privileged sectors;

·      Providing high-quality sustainable services and products; and

·      Activating the participation of the private sector and NGOs.


 The use of any information is the sole responsibility of the user.

 Using the Portal is governed with a number of Terms and Conditions that are subject to ongoing changes and updates as the case may be. Any update or amendment to the Terms and Conditions is effective once approved by the Portal administration. This requires visitors to regularly check the Terms of Use and Disclaimer rules to be aware of any updates, as the ongoing use of the Portal implies his approval and complete acceptance of any changes to the Terms of Use. These terms and conditions include property rights, and the Portal administration is not obliged to announce any updates to the said Terms.

Restrictions on Usage

By using the portal of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, the user agrees to refrain from:

·      Upload or download files containing software, materials, data or other information that is not owned or licensed by the visitor.

·      Use this portal in any way to send any commercial or unwanted e-mail or any abuse of this kind to the MEWA Portal

·      Upload or download files on this portal containing malicious software and viruses and / or corrupted data

·      Publish, post, distribute or circulate material or information that contains defamation, repugnance of reputation, violation of laws, pornography, obscene, contravening Islamic teachings or public morals, or any illegal material or information through the MEWA portal

·      Participation through the Environment, Water and Agriculture Portal in illegal activities in or outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

·      Declaration on the portal of the environment, water and agriculture for any product or service that makes the portal in violation of any law or system applied in any area

·      Use any means, program or procedure to intercept or attempt to intercept the proper operation of the MEWA portal

·      Take any action that imposes an unreasonable or significant repetition of the infrastructure of the Environment, Water and Agriculture portal.


 Use links to the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture Portal

Links to the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture Portal may be placed in any other sites that do not conflict with its objectives and general orientation with the objectives, policies and frameworks of the ministry's portal.

In any event the Ministry shall not be considered to be involved in or associated in any way with any marks, logos, trade or service symbols or any other means used or displayed on the websites linked to this portal or any of its contents.

The Ministry reserves all rights to stop and disallow any link in any way from any site that contains inappropriate, obscene, pornographic, unacceptable or illegal content, names, material or information that violates any law or violates any Intellectual property rights or rights to privacy.


The Ministry reserves the right to disable any link in any way that is not authorized or in case of conflict with the goals and directions of the portal, and assumes no responsibility for the contents available in any other site accessed through this portal or access to this portal

Links from the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture Portal

Links to other portals and other Web sites are provided for the convenience of the visitor, and the Portal is not responsible for the contents or credibility of the portals and sites to which it links and does not endorse its contents. The use of any of these links to access such sites or portals is at the visitor's own risk.

The portal content management aims to replace broken links that do not work on other sites, and because portal management does not control or control those links, it does not in any way guarantee that these links work.


 Protection against Viruses

The Department of Information Technology at the Ministry of the Environment makes every effort to examine and test the contents of this portal at all stages of its preparation, and advises that the visitor always run an updated anti-virus program on all materials downloaded from the Internet, and the Ministry is not responsible for any loss or interruption of data User or computer, or any damages that may occur while connecting to this portal or when using material contained therein.


General Terms and Conditions:

·      All materials and information available on the Ministry of Environment portal are scientific, specialized and non-profit.

·      Arabic is the primary language for the use of the portal and the use of all materials published on it. The translation of any of these materials is intended to provide an added service. Therefore, the translation provided shall not be considered as an interpretation in case of any dispute about the contents of the portal.

·      All regulations and laws published on the portal, whether for the environment, water, agriculture or other bodies may be subject to translation or interpretation of the meaning for the purpose of increasing the benefit, but the Arabic text of all these regulations and laws is the basic reference, and therefore cannot rely on any translation or interpretation to derive any Information or details.

·      The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture Portal may include a number of eParticipation channels and tools such as forums, polls, blogs, voting system, visitor comments and personal subscriptions.

·      Portal management has set a number of standards and restrictions for the use of all eParticipation channels, ensuring the highest desired benefit from the principle of electronic participation, and the use of the visitor to these channels is a permanent approval of the standards and restrictions of usage.

·      The Ministry of "Environment, Water and Agriculture" has the full right to delete or not post any comments or posts to users of the portal that the portal management deems inappropriate.


MEWA Portal visitors should read all the files related to Privacy and Information Confidentiality, Client Charter, Help and Support, social media websites, and other information available on the Portal that outlines the nature of the Portal-visitor relation. 

Guidelines for Privacy Protection

·      Make sure you are the only user and do not share your user name, password, or any other confidential information with anyone.

·      Do not give confidential information over the telephone or the Internet unless you know the identity of the person or recipient of the information.

·      Use a secure browser when you perform transactions online while closing unused applications on the network, and make sure that your antivirus software is always updated.


In order to be able to assist you with any request to protect your personal information or to cancel your data with the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, we recommend that you contact us by e-mail

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