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 Clients Charter

MEWA Portal is an important communication and interaction channel between MEWA and services beneficiaries. As any two-party relation should be based on a clear foundation and criteria to strengthen it and guarantee the maximum level of benefits, MEWA Portal has drawn up this policy that sets terms and conditions of use in line with laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our Commitments

 Driven by MEWA vision and mission, and in pursuit of achieving the objectives of its Portal, we seek to provide the best services to our clients. For visitors to understand in details what the Portal does to achieve these objectives, we have outlined the main commitments of the Portal as follows:

Privacy and Confidentiality 

 Since its launch, MEWA Portal put the privacy and confidentiality of the information of its users and visitors on top of its priorities. The Portal administration exerts its best efforts to provide top-notch services to all beneficiaries. The Information Technology Department not only applies the highest applicable security standards used in managing portals, but also periodically updates the security procedures and measures. Among the latest measures applied by the Portal, in relation to privacy and information confidentiality:

- Highest protection measures were applied through data coding and the use of https; 
- Latest virus-protection programs are used and updated regularly;
- Application of highest quality measures used in portals (W3C);
- Use of highly advanced measures and procedures for the protection of information security against fraud and unauthorized access to the used systems;
- Regular and periodical update of the protection procedures and controls that meet or exceed the standard criteria;
- Ongoing training for the Portal's team to be always updated with the latest methods used in running portals; and
- Increasing awareness of the Portal's users and visitors through providing detailed information about use, privacy and information confidentiality through the Portal and accounts on different social networks.

 Portal visitors and beneficiaries are advised to regularly check and read the Terms and Conditions of Privacy and Confidentiality of Information to be aware of any updates. The Portal administration is not obliged to announce any updates on these terms and conditions. Using MEWA Portal means that you have read and approved the relevant terms and conditions and their updates.

 Security of Personal Information

 Information about privacy and confidentiality were prepared to help visitors and users understand the nature of data to be collected when they visit the Portal and how it will be processed.

 The IT Department and the Portal administration take the required and appropriate measures to keep the personal information they have secure and safe from loss, unauthorized access, abuse, alterations or unauthorized disclosure.

 Collection of Personal Information

Dear visitor, Kindly be informed that once you visit MEWA Portal, the Portal server saves your IP, visit date and time and the URL of any website through which you are referred to MEWA Portal. 

 As with other websites, once you visit the Portal, cookies are added to the hard disk of the visitor's computer. Cookies are text files that some websites you visit add to your hard disk for easier future access to the Portal and easier use of its services. The text files include information that allow the website to retrieve when needed during the visitor's next visit. Among the saved information:

Remembering user name and password;
Saving page settings if that's available on the Portal;
Saving the colors chosen by the user; and
Preventing multiple voting for the same user.

 User may not need to re-enter the password in every visit; as the website will discover it through the cookies or prevent the user from re-voting if he has already voted, etc. Thus, MEWA Portal will use the cookies information for technical reasons when you visit it more than once. The Portal may change the information saved in the cookies files or add new information every time you visit it.

 If the user sends us an email through the Portal to provide us with some personal information, we may share the necessary data with other entities or departments to serve you more efficiently. Your personal data won't be shared with non-government bodies, unless a licensed entity to provide specific government services. By providing your data and personal information through the Portal, you agree on saving, processing and using this data by the Saudi authorities. We reserve the right to disclose, at any time, any information to the competent authorities when needed to abide by any applicable law or regulation or to meet any government request. 
 You agree that you are the only responsible person for the validity and reliability of the data and information sent through this Portal.

 Privacy Protection

 To help you protect your personal information, we recommend the following:

o Contact us immediately if you think that someone managed to get your password, user name, secret number or any other confidential information.
o Don't disclose any confidential information through the phone or Internet unless you know the identity of the person or party receiving the information.
o Use a safe browser when you carry out online transactions and make sure to close the unused applications on the network and always make sure that your virus protection program is updated.
o If you have any questions or suggestions about the Privacy Terms, you can contact the Portal administration via this email:

 To safe keep your personal data, the electronic saving of the provided personal data is secured using the proper security techniques.
 The Portal may include links to other websites or portals that may be implementing different means for information protection. We are not responsible for the content, methods and privacy of these other websites. We advice you to refer to the privacy announcements of these websites.

 Sending E-mails to MEWA

 When you inquire about a certain service, or when you send additional information using any contact means, whether electronic or otherwise, with the Portal, we use your email address to respond to your inquiries. We may also save your email address, your message and our response for quality control purposes, or for legal and supervisory reasons.

 MEWA Portal Terms of Use

 This is the Portal of the Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture (MEWA), (hereinafter referred to as MEWA Portal or the Portal) and it's available for the personal use of any visitor. Visitors access and use of this Portal is subject to this Terms of Use and to the applicable laws in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Visitor's access and login to the Portal is deemed to be an unrestricted approval to the Terms of Use, whether he is a registered user or not. This approval is set to be valid from the date of the first use.
 Since its launch, the Portal seeks to provide the best services and information that the visitor or user may need in relation to the different MEWA activities and services. The main objectives of the Portal as set clear in its vision and mission are:

Preserving the environment and natural resources and sustainably developing them;
Achieving water security;
Contributing to achieving sustainable food security;
Achieving sustainable development of relatively privileged sectors;
Providing high-quality sustainable services and products; and
Activating the participation of the private sector and NGOs.

 The use of any information is the sole responsibility of the user.
 Using the Portal is governed with a number of Terms and Conditions that are subject to ongoing changes and updates as the case may be. Any update or amendment to the Terms and Conditions is effective once approved by the Portal administration. This requires visitors to regularly check the Terms of Use and Disclaimer rules to be aware of any updates, as the ongoing use of the Portal implies his approval and complete acceptance of any changes to the Terms of Use. These terms and conditions include property rights, and the Portal administration is not obliged to announce any updates to the said Terms.

 Restrictions on Use

 By using MEWA Portal, users agree to never:

* Provide or upload files that contain programs, material, data or information that are not the property of the visitor, or for which the visitor does not have a license; 
* Use the Portal in any way to send a commercial email or spam email, or any kind of abuse to the MEWA Portal; 
* Provide or upload files to the Portal the contain viruses, malware and/or corrupt data;
* Publish, announce, distribute or circulate any material or information that disrepute others, violate laws or contain porno or any inappropriate material, or anything that is in breach of Islamic traditions or good manners or any other illegal material or information;
* Take part, through MEWA Portal, in any illegal or prohibited activities inside or outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia;
* Announce, through MEWA Portal, any product or service that makes the Portal in breach of any applicable law or regulation;
* Use any program, procedure or means to interrupt, or try to interrupt, the proper operation of the Portal; and
* Do any activity that applies inappropriate or intolerable pressure on the infrastructure of MEWA Portal.

 Use of Links to MEWA Portal

 Links to MEWA Portal may be put in other websites whose objectives and orientation are not in conflict with MEWA Portal objectives, policies and frameworks.

 MEWA is by no means related to or involved with any signs, slogans, service or commercial symbols or any other means that are used or appear on the websites connected to the Portal or any of its content.

 MEWA reserves the right to block or end any connection with any website that contains inappropriate, disgraceful, obscene, unacceptable or illegal topics, as well as any names or materials that are in breach of laws or violate any intellectual property rights or privacy rights.

 MEWA reserves the right to deactivate any unauthorized link or that contradicts with the Portal objectives and orientations. MEWA bears no responsibility for the content available on any other website reached through this Portal or through which this Portal is reached.

 Links from MEWA Portal

 Links to other portals and websites are provided as an extra facility to users. The Portal is not responsible for the content or the credibility of such portals or websites, and doesn't necessarily approve their content. So, using the links to reach these websites or portals is the sole responsibility of the visitor.

 The Portal content management targets replacing links to other websites that don't work. However, the Portal administration can't control these links, so it can't guarantee that these links will be always functioning.

 Virus Protection 

 The IT Department exerts its best efforts to examine and test the content of the Portal in all its preparation phases. However, we advice users to always turn on their anti-virus programs for all downloaded material. MEWA is not responsible for any loss, disruption or corruption of user's data or computers, or for any other damage that may happen during access to the Portal or use of its material.

 Waiver of Claims

 MEWA Portal, with its services, information, material and functions are available for use "as is" and "as available" for visitors, without any kind of assurances, acknowledgments or promises. The Portal administration can't guarantee or shoulder the responsibility for any disruptions, mistakes or violations that may result from the use of the Portal, its content or any related website, whether with, or without, the knowledge of the Portal administration.

 Any communications or information sent by users through this Portal will not be possessed by users and users can't guarantee its confidentiality, especially that information are processed according to the announced mechanisms of Privacy and Information Confidentiality. Any use or interactive use of the Portal doesn't guarantee, and isn't meant to guarantee, any rights, licenses or privileges whatsoever to the users.

 In the same regard, MEWA waiver of any of its specified rights in these Terms and Conditions in one situation or occasion doesn't mean at all automatic and permanent waiver of any right in other occasions and situations, whether of this specific right or any other right.

 Limits of Liability

 The e-services provided by MEWA Portal and the information about different government bodies are provided to facilitate manual procedures. Thus, the user acknowledges that online communications may be interrupted or intercepted by others, the Portal is not a replacement for existing information provided by government authorities, and requests and procedures can be carried out before the competent authorities.

Hence, use of this Portal remains the sole responsibility of the visitor. The Portal administration is by no means responsible for any loss or damage incurred by the user because of using the Portal or reliance on any of its announcements, ideas or views. It also shoulders no responsibility for any delay in operation, error in connection, any problem in trying to access the internet, hardware breakdown or the behaviors or view of any user of this Portal. 


 The user acknowledges that he can't take any measures against MEWA or any of its agencies and departments, and to indemnify and keep safe and harmless MEWA and any bodies, employees or agents responsible for running, maintaining, updating or presenting MEWA Portal, from all commitments and responsibilities related to any claims that may arise from his breach of any of the Terms of Use, or any of the applicable laws in KSA or in his country of residence.

 Termination of Use

 The Portal administration may, at its discretion, terminate, restrict or suspend a user's right to access and use the Portal without any notification and for any reason, including violation to the Terms of Use or any other behavior that the Portal administration deems to be illegal or harmful. In case of termination, the user will not be allowed to access the Portal.

 Intellectual Property Rights

 This Portal is technically supervised by the IT Department, one of the departments of the Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture (MEWA). All the material available on this Portal, including informational graphs, programs and content, protected by copyright and trademark rights and other intellectual property rights.

 As the main MEWA objectives are to protect and sustainably develop the environment and natural resources, achieve sustainable food and water security, provide high-quality sustainable services and activate the role and participation of the private sector and NGOs, only personal and not-for-profit uses of this Portal's content and information allowed. Moreover, MEWA Portal should be referred to as the source of the content and information.

 Legal Jurisdiction

 The Portal user agrees to be exclusively subject to the legal jurisdiction of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, regarding all claims and conflicts that may arise from the use of the Portal. Arabic is the official language used for solving any disagreements or conflicts that may arise from the use of the Portal or any of its content.

 General Terms and Conditions

- All material and information available on the Portal are scientific, specialized and not-for-profit;
- The Arabic language is the main language for the Portal and any of its published material. The translation of any material aims at providing an added value, so the translation should not be relied on in interpreting any conflict about the content of the Portal;
- All regulations and laws published on the Portal, whether relevant to MEWA or any other entity, may be subject to translation or interpretation to expand its utility, but the Arabic text of these laws and regulations remains the main reference. So, no interpretation or translation should be relied on in deducing information or details;
- MEWA Portal may contain a number e-participation channels and tools, such as forums, surveys, Blogs, voting and comments system, and personal registration; 
- The Portal administration has adopted a number of standards and restrictions concerning the use of these e-participation channels, to ensure the maximum benefit of the e-participation activities. Visitors' use of these channels constitute a permanent approval on such standards and restrictions; and 
- MEWA reserves the right to delete or prevent the publishing of any comment or participation that the Portal administrations deems to be inappropriate.

 MEWA Portal visitors should read all the files related to Privacy and Information Confidentiality, Client Charter, Help and Support, social media websites, and other information available on the Portal that outlines the nature of the Portal-visitor relation.

 If you have any questions or suggestions about the Privacy and Disclaimer Terms, you can contact the Portal administration via this email:

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