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Deputy-Ministry for Animal Resources

The Animal Resources Sector of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture (MEWA) is deemed to be one of the main focal points that have always received immense support from the Wise Leadership. This is evident in the ongoing attempts to preserve and develop the animal resources in the Kingdom through providing veterinary health care, advice, technical consultations and launching awareness campaigns to inform and educate all workers in animal husbandry.
• The Undersecretariat of Animal Resources seeks to preserve and develop the animal resources through carrying out a number of activities and services.
• These activities contribute to achieving food security.
• The Undersecretariat supports animal resources projects, such as projects of diary products and red and white meat production.
• It's responsible for taking all actions necessary for fighting and controlling epidemic and endemic animal diseases, as well as the animal-human diseases, and preventing their spread in the Kingdom.
• It also plays a major role in examining all consignments (living animals, chicks and eggs) incoming to the Kingdom through quarantines.
• Besides, the Undersecretariat keeps an eye on animal diseases, in an effort to unremittingly monitor the animal health status.
• The Undersecretariat is also responsible for drawing up policies, legislations and laws, such as the laws of animal resources, quarantines, veterinary labs, practicing of veterinary professions and animal welfare.
• Other functions of the Undersecretariat include drawing up plans, studies and research that aim at developing the animal resources sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Applicable Laws:
Animal Resources Law, issued by virtue of the Royal Decree no. M/1424/13 H and its bylaw;
Law for Practicing Veterinary Medicine Professions in the GCC Countries, by the Royal Decree no. M/33 on 5/6/1436 H;
Animal Welfare Act;
Law of Veterinary Quarantine of GCC Countries and its bylaw in the Kingdom;
Law for Private Veterinary Laboratories;
Bylaw for Private Laboratories; and
Licensing conditions for opening private veterinary lab

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