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MEWA Portal has applied the highest technical standards of e-portal and implemented new technologies that contribute to enrich the portal and facilitate access to all its contents, which in return has increased the number of users and visitors to the portal as well as their interaction.

Therefore, MEWA Portal is characterized for quick and easy access to all information and for all users (farmers, researchers, investors ...).

 MEWA Portal has the following features:

Main menu (top menu):

Mega Menu was used to build this list, and includes all the services listed according to the classification of each service, and that the visitor can access to such services from any page while browsing.

Main icons:

Many icons were added, which contain important services that the visitor can access quickly.


Tracking Browsing:

MEWA Portal provides a navigation system that allows the visitor to know his current location in the portal and allows him to move from one level to another through links that appear on each page showing the sequence of the process of building portal pages.


AJAX Technology:

This technology allows easy access to the Portal's information and data processing, a rs well as viewing such data on the home page which displays the basic services in the Portal, as you can get information and service description once the mouse pointer goes over the name of the service, making it easier for the user to read the service describtion without the need to update  all information of the page.


Compatibility with browsers:

MEWA Portal is designed to be compatible with a number of browsers such as: Chrome ,  Firefox, Internet Explorer IE10 (or later),  Safari and  Opera. The recent versions of each of these browsers are preferred because they contain improvements in portal performance,

the Portal also does not rely on additional operating elements to display the portal data and information, which makes it easy to browse without the need for additional elements such as  Flash or Java Applet.

Solutions for people with special needs:

One of the most important features of the Portal in terms of ease of use and access, the attention to people with special needs through the application of new features that help many people with special needs to use  the Portal effectively, the portal contains the following features:


- Voice Reader: It is one of the tools that helps to read the texts on the Portal page, without requiring the user to activate any other programs, and this technology is very useful for the visually impaired, and users of the portal who have difficulties reading texts over the Internet.

- Colors: Through this feature, the portal provides ease of navigation (without colors) to suit the those with visual impairment.

- Change font size: Using the zoom feature of the font size at the beginning of the page on all internal pages of the portal.

- Provide written texts for visual files published on the portal.

- Enable users to browse the portal without using the mouse, using the key (Tab) of the keyboard to move between the portal options.


To report any issue regarding accessibility and usability, please contact us via:

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