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MEWA  Portal Objectives

The great progress in information technology has covered all aspects of life, and the number of Internet users has grown day after day, becoming indispensable in most people's daily activities, especially in the search for information and the pursuit of services with great ease. The government electronic portals became a priority that cannot be overlooked within any comprehensive development process.

Most of the governments in the world today conduct many of their work through e-gates, by which all the services and procedures practiced by the government are carried out, either in relation to the public, the relationship of their institutions to each other, or their relationship with internal and external business.

Based on these fundamentals, the electronic portal of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture was set and developed in its structure, technologies and services to achieve the great attention given by the Government of the Kingdom to the transformation to electronic transactions. The e-government concepts offer great benefits to the national economy, And to provide the information and services that fall within the ministry's tasks for citizens and the general public in an electronic manner consistent with the comprehensive e-government project of the Kingdom.

Based on this great national goal, the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture E-Portal, clearly reflects the role of the Ministry in this development process, through introducing its departments' services to beneficiaries in accordance with the highest standards of quality; and to be an effective communication channel with the community in all sectors to raise awareness in the areas of environment, water and agriculture.

Considering that the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture is one of the main and vital pillars of the Kingdom's service providers, its electronic portal has a significant share in the electronic transformation process. It aims to create a smart business environment for information and e-business, raise efficiency, productivity and efficiency in its various departments, and link and integrate all applications and databases. The achievement of these objectives is to increase the value of information and knowledge, and the accuracy of information and easy exchange and participation, and increase the ministry's cooperation with external bodies, in addition to standardization of work policies and raise the return on investment in staff and systems, and facilitating the access to the information.

Other strategic objectives of the e-portal include:

·       Raising awareness and reviewing best practices in the various sectors that the Ministry is interested in like environment, water, agriculture and at all levels.

·       To provide and facilitate available electronic services to beneficiaries to include most of the procedures and activities of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture

·       Emphasize the principle of participation and dialogue in decision-making through a number of electronic channels managed by the portal of the Ministry.

·       Review the role of the Ministry in the sustainable development process of Saudi Arabia and achieve the objectives of the vision of the Kingdom 2030.

·       The portal should be a media interface for the Ministry to monitor its news and provide detailed information on the most prominent services provided by the ministry in all its fields of work.

·       Review the achievements of the Ministry in the transformation of e-government transactions.

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