Organizational Affiliations:

Directly related to the Deputy Minister for Agriculture.

Overall Objective:

Development of palm weevil control programs.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

1. Following-up on the daily task of the control teams in the Kingdom and receive monthly work reports from the teams in areas where the control program applied.
2. Equipping support teams to carry out control campaigns in highly vulnerable areas.

3. Following-up on the red palm weevil prevention and control initiative.

4. Technical supervision of the red palm weevil combating programs in the regions of the Kingdom.

5. Preparing and implementing training courses for workers in control programs in the Kingdom.

6. Developing special programs of palm weevil in cooperation with the Department of Information Technology.

7. Carrying out field visits to farms and meeting farmers directly.

8. Conducting applied research experiments on the control of palm weevil, as well as on irrigation, soil, prevention and production.

9. Conducting experiments and studies of new products of palm and dates, and evaluating the companies' products.

10. Receiving the inquiries of the beneficiaries by telephone and via social media.

11. Training the workers of the control programs on examination and prevention.