Organizational Affiliations:

Directly liaises with the Deputy Minister for Agriculture.

Overall Objective:
Studying and improving agricultural marketing and its marketing mechanisms, and supervising, developing, and supporting cooperative and civil associations, and civil institutions in the agricultural sector.

Tasks and Responsibilities:
1- Preparing clear criteria and controls for value added chains and agricultural marketing mechanisms and services, and ensure that they meet the requirements of beneficiaries.
2- Cooperating with cooperative societies, outside parties and other specialized companies to develop the mechanisms of marketing operations locally and abroad.
3- Study the regional and international target markets and ensure their dissemination to the concerned authorities.
4- Developing policies, frameworks and mechanisms aimed at developing and improving the role of agricultural associations in the technical and marketing fields.
5- Providing technical support to agricultural associations and others and enabling them to make fully benefit from means of support provided by the Ministry.
6- Encouraging the establishment and sponsorship of associations and activate their role in the development of agricultural production and increase the participation of farmers, and training its employee and studies that contribute to the development of its functions.
7- Act as a link between associations and organizational units concerned in the Ministry to meet their needs and provide the necessary support.
8- Assessing the current state of agricultural cooperatives associations based on local data from reports, field visits, market surveys and questionnaires to develop a detailed plan for the Ministry's vision towards agricultural associations.
9- Coordinating all matters related to operationalizing and supporting agricultural cooperatives associations with governmental and private bodies.
10- Coordinating with multi-purpose cooperative societies which include agriculture in their activities.
11- Proposing programs of empowerment, technical support, sustainability and long-term and specialized investment programs for civil and cooperative societies.
12- Encouraging communication and visits and exchange of information and experiences between the agricultural cooperative associations, and organizing periodic meetings in coordination with the concerned authorities
13- Studying the current situation of the agricultural cooperative associations that are stalled or halted, and addressing challenges encountered and create unique models that could be replicated.
14- Examining new licenses applications (for civil cooperative societies) and coordinating with the competent sectors within the Ministry.
15- Supervising the preparation of the executive regulations for the technical supervision of the civil and cooperative associations and coordinating with the specialized advisory bodies and relevant bodies in the Ministry.