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 MEWA Provides 5000 Electronic Water Meters in Shelf Sediments to Initiate the Monitoring of Groundwater



The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture has signed a contract with one of the leading telecommunications and internet services companies. The agreement includes the supply and installation of 5000 electronic meters on some farm groundwater wells. With the aim of achieving water resources management and rationalizing the use of non-renewable groundwater, and ensuring its sustainability for agricultural purposes. In addition to measuring and monitoring groundwater consumption, and supporting individual farmers by providing them with water information.

MEWA indicated that the program of meters will be accessible to the farmer community on the ministry's website for calculating the cost of production and economic consumption and rationalization of use.

The Ministry mandates that the agricultural companies, government, industrial, and business sectors expedite the installation of these meters in accordance with the Ministry specifications.

MEWA launched a leading initiative to regulate the consumption of well water, as part of the National Transformation Program, in line with the objectives of the National Water Strategy 2030. In addition, MEWA established the Water Law as a contributory factor for the protection of non-renewable groundwater which will prevent depletion. These initiatives will ensure the availability of precious water resources to be used throughout all sectors of interest.

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