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 MEWA Urges Adherence to Wildfire Prevention Guidelines Amidst High Temperatures



in response to escalating temperatures during the summer season, The Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture has stressed the importance of following guidelines to prevent wildfires. MEWA has identified several causes for forest and vegetation fires, including improper debris burning, arson, discarded cigarettes, agricultural waste, firearm usage, intentional land expansion fires, fireworks, and the sun's reflection off discarded glass. Such fires can rapidly spiral out of control, posing significant challenges for containment and extinguishing efforts.

MEWA has called upon park visitors and farmers to adhere to the prescribed guidelines to safeguard the environment. The Ministry has further urged the reduction of adverse impacts resulting from illegal activities like deforestation, overgrazing, tree burning, and other practices causing land degradation and fires.

MEWA has established strict penalties, ranging from SR 500 to SR 3000 in fines, for violations related to waste burning and unauthorized fire ignition.

Preserving forests, national parks, and vegetation is of paramount importance in safeguarding the environment, As per MEWA. The Ministry advocates against igniting fires or disposing of waste in unauthorized areas, emphasizing the need for responsible waste management and reporting any fires in forests, national parks, or vegetation by dialing 911.

In recent years, devastating forest fires have ravaged extensive areas across North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, leaving behind vast swathes of destruction.

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