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 Alfadely Inaugurates the Climate Change Regional Center for Enhancing Environmental Performance



His Excellency, the Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture and Chairman of the Board of the National Center for Meteorology, Eng. Abdulrahman bin Abdulmohsen AlFadley confirmed that the Climate Change Regional Center is a step toward enhancing Saudi's environmental performance and showcasing of its pioneering role in environmental preservation and sustainability in accordance with Vision 2030.


This came as part of the inauguration of the Climate Change Regional Center in cooperation with King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). In attendance were their Excellencies, officials, and individuals interested in environmental issues from within and outside the kingdom.


Alfadely said in his opening remarks, the Climate Change Regional Center was established in line with the initiatives announced by His Royal Highness the Crown Prince- may God protect him- at the Middle East Green Initiative Summit 2022 that strengthens the role of the Kingdom at the local, regional, and international levels, as well as in accordance with the objectives of Vision 2030. The center complements the ongoing Kingdom's interests in meteorology and climate change.


According to His Excellency, the center will assist decision-makers in addressing climate change and developing plans and programs for mitigating climate change's social, environmental, and economic effects at the regional and international levels by bringing together experts and researchers in this field, facilitating a circle of cooperation and participation that can help us understand the current climate and future forecast.


The CEO of the National Center of Meteorology, Dr. Ayman Ghulam confirmed that the establishment of the Climate Change Regional Center achieves the objectives of Saudi's initiatives announced by His Highness the Crown Prince- may God protect him-  which aims for sustainable development locally and regionally. Also, Dr. Ghulam emphasized that there exists a distinguished partnership with KAUST to meet the requirements of establishing and holding local and regional workshops introducing the role and the objective of the center.


 As KAUST President Dr. Tony Chan noted, the center will be the cornerstone of the Kingdom's efforts to adapt to the inevitable consequences of climate change. Additionally, he stressed the importance of accurate regional climate predictions down to mesoclimatic scales in order to prepare towns and cities for the new-normal climate. In that preparation, future sand and dust storm patterns and magnitudes are crucial considerations. As a national priority, we are pleased to have this opportunity to contribute.


To this end, the center will compile, produce and share research, data, and information in relation to climatology by using advanced modeling, analysis, and prediction of climate variations ensure an effective response to storms and adverse weather conditions at the right time. Numerous practical applications are anticipated to be of direct benefit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other countries of the region.


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