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 MEWA Stresses the Importance of Technology and Innovation in Achieving Food Security in Saudi



The Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Eng. Ahmed Al-Ayada stressed that food security issues and agricultural investment are among the priorities of the Kingdom's Vision 2030. Saudi relied on modern technology and innovative solutions to implement national strategies and programs such as the National Agriculture Strategy and the Food Security Strategy. In order to contribute to the role of the public and private sectors in improving agricultural production, maximizing the natural resource use efficiency, and achieving food security objectives.

This came during his speech today at the Saudi-Japanese Virtual Forum for Agricultural Technology. The public and private sectors of both countries participated in this forum to exchange experiences and expand investment opportunities.

"The Kingdom and Japan have a close brotherhood, which enhances the prosperity of the two countries in all levels, especially in the field of agriculture and food production," Al-Ayada said.

 Eng.Al-Ayada added that the Virtual Forum for Agricultural Technology is an important opportunity to strengthen cooperation between the private sector of the two sides. As well as it aims to use agricultural technology and advanced green technologies for farmer empowerment. In addition to finding effective solutions to meet the challenges facing the agricultural sector by raising the efficiency of irrigation systems, increasing the fertility of the soil, improving Food Quality, and facilitating bilateral trade.

At the end of his speech, Eng. Ahmed Al-Ayada stressed the importance of adopting modern technology and innovation through local, regional and global partnerships to achieve tangible economic development. 

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