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 Five International Programs to Develop the Cultivation and Propagation of Field and Horticultural Crops in the Kingdom



Dr. Abdullah Aldous, Vice Dean For Education and Academic Affairs, King Saud University, stated that there are five international cooperation programmes between the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture and international and foreign governmental organizations in the field and horticultural crop development in the Kingdom. These types of programmes will help develop and increase crop production. He explained how the programme will help development.

The cooperation with the Dutch government will focus on potato cultivation. Also, in cooperation with U.N. FAO the Ministry is exploring citrus and olive cultivation and propagation. The Organic Agriculture Programme is also cooperating with the German Foundation for International Cooperation.These programmes include local cooperation with Saudi universities.

This came during the session" Directions and Scientific Solutions to Address Agricultural Issues "of the Saudi Agricultural Exhibition Forum on the second day.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Doss presented a working paper " New Horizons in Scientific Innovations, Research and Enhancing the role of Universities Towards improving the Productivity of Strategic Crops ". He explained the progress made by Saudi universities on the level of their scientific achievements according to the Shanghai Ranking.

At the same session, Dr. Mohammed Abdulaziz, University Lecturer, King Faisal University, and Dr. MoheiEdine Suleiman, Associate Professor of Plant Biotechnology, King Faisal University, King Faisal University, presented a working paper " Future Research Direction to develop Precision-Farming Techniques." Moreover, a working paper" Future food Processing Technologies: Proteins from Plants and Green Algae" by the Assistant Professor, Bioengineering King Abdallah University of Sciences Dr. Kyle J. Lauersen, and the Algae Program director, King Abdallah University of Sciences and Technology. Dr. Claudio Fuentes Grünewald.

The subsequent session focused on-Innovative Initiatives on Food Security, Water Management and Agriculture Development Sustainability. Through that many working papers were presented. Dr. Pierre Broun, Director Climate Proof Agriculture NEOM, presented- Transforming Agriculture to Boost Climate Resilience, Food Security and Sustainability-, then- Dutch Innovations in Horticulture for any Climate- by Dr. Hans van der Beek, Advisor for the Gulf Region, Dutch Greenhouse Delta Foundation. Then a working paper entitled " Water-Agrifood challenges in arid regions: innovative solutions from The Netherlands" Presented by Adviser, Netherlands Water Partnership, then a working paper entitled " Dutch Innovations for ME Poultry Producers" presented by Jan Holzibusch, Relations Manager, Dutch Poultry Centre, and finally a working paper "Gronos: Autonomous Indoor Farming: A new step in the future for CEA(Controlled environment Agriculture)" was presented by Damon Schwarzkachel, Sales Director, Certhon Corporation.

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