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 The Kingdom sets Guinness World Record with longest agricultural caravan in the world



The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, represented by the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, has set an international world record for the longest agricultural trip (8320 KM) in the world.

H.E. Vice Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture, Eng. Mansour Almushaiti witness the ceremony, which held today at the Ministry's headquarters. The ministry's branches were honoured during the ceremony for their contribution to this achievement.

The agricultural caravan aimed to raise the knowledge and skills of farmers through the implantation of good practices to boost production. The trip started in December 2021 and ended in March 2022, and covered 8320 KM across the Kingdom. The team was made up of 230 members, including the organizers, specialists, agriculture instructors, and volunteer teams. It also included many activities such as mobile laboratories, a farmer's market, agricultural workshops with 50 complete cabins, interactive activities, and a children's theatre.

MEWA explained that this work achieved two goals.  First, it set a Guinness World Record for the longest agricultural caravan in the world. The second achievement was to involve farmers in this accomplishment through their continual efforts since 2016.The agricultural caravan provides agricultural extension services to farmers and who are interested in this field by informing them about cutting-edge technology and implementing good practices.

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