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 Saudi Arabia Participates in the Second International Water Action Decade Conference in Tajikistan


​The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia participated in the Second International High-Level Conference dedicated to the International Decade for Action "Water for Sustainable Development, 2018-2028". The second conference is being held in Dushanbe, Tajikistan on June 6-9 ,2022. 

The delegation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is led by the Deputy Minister for Water, Dr.Abdulaziz Alshaibani with the participation of Saudi Ambassador to Tajikistan Walid Al-Rushidan.

During a speech at the first session, Dr. Al- Alshaibani referred to the Saudi's role in adopting water issues at the regional and international levels through its participation in Arab Specialized Ministerial Councils.Also through its presidency of the G20. The G20 countries agreed the proposal by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to have an annual dialogue on water and share the outcomes on a digital platform to share best water management practices.

The conference was organized by Tajikistan cooperation with the United Nations and development partners. They discussed about the relationship between water and health, global challenges in the post COVID-19, integrated water resources management, and the transboundary water cooperation to achieving the sustainable development goals.

The conference shed light on the relationship between water, food and energy aftermath of the covid-19 pandemic, the resilience of infrastructure, disaster risk reduction, the promotion of water sustainability in urban and rural areas, adapt to climate change, the development of knowledge, education and communication, as well as the promotion water management and the development of hydro-technical solutions.

The programme of the Conference also included sessions of working about the water sector.On the sidelines of the conference, the water forum for youth, the water forum for women, the water and business forum, and the water, local and indigenous communities forum were held.

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