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 27,827 head of cattle from Romania, Ethiopia and Djibouti arrive in the Kingdom



The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture has announced that 3 shipments of 27,827 head of cattle (sheep, cows and camels) from Djibouti, Ethiopia and Romania arrived in the Kingdom on April 6-5, 2020.

The Ministry pointed out that 14,245 head of sheep and 622 head of camels aboard the vessel Abu Yasser II arrived to the Kingdom from Djibouti, while the vessel Lady Rasha which was carrying 9910 head of cattle aboard, including 9007 sheep heads and 903 cows heads, from Romania arrived in the Jeddah Islamic Port.  

Another batch of 3050 head of sheep from Ethiopia arrived at Al-Ahsa Regional Airport where a physical examination was immediately performed and a laboratory test was conducted to ensure the safety and health of the imported sheep, added the Ministry.

The Ministry confirmed that according to the lab tests, the sheep are healthy and disease-free, and that all quarantine procedures set out in the GCC Veterinary Quarantine Law and its executive regulations in the Kingdom were applied.

Importing livestock consignments into the Kingdom is part of the Ministry's efforts to support its domestic market and to maintain price stability, as more than 76 thousand head of livestock coming from 5 countries were allowed into the Kingdom last week.


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