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 H5N8 bird flu case reported in Riyadh poses no threat to public health



The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture detected one case of highly pathogenic H5N8 avian influenza virus on a poultry farm in Riyadh.

Dr. Abdullah Abalkhail, spokesman for the Ministry, confirmed that this type of bird flu infects birds only, thus it poses no public health risk, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). He pointed out that the same type of virus was recorded earlier in 2017 and was successfully contained and controlled. 

"The emergency teams immediately sprang into action to implement the bird flu emergency plan procedures on site to prevent the spread of the virus.", said Abalkhail. 

Abalkhail called on all poultry farms to boost biosecurity measures, take caution and wear personal protective equipment when being in contact with birds showing symptoms, and not to import new birds during the current period.

Abalkhail also warned people not to poach migratory and wild birds to protect human health and urged them to report cases of bird flu infections or high death rates by calling the animal resources emergency room on 8002470000.


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