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 AlFadley chairs the Food Security Committee meeting on food markets stability


The Food Security Committee held this morning its regular meeting chaired by His Excellency the Saudi Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture, Chairman of the Food Security Committee, Abdulrahman Abdulmohsen A. AlFadley. 

The meeting aimed to coordinate the efforts among all the parties concerned on the food security in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to maintain food commodity markets stability. The meeting discussed the precautionary measures being taken to ensure the continuity of food supplies and abundance of food commodities, following the preventive measures set by the Saudi wise leadership in light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

AlFadley said that the Committee reviewed the current situation which demonstrates the importance of the continued supply of of food items and services to citizens by ensuring the continuity of food supply chain and quality and safety of food commodities, as well as setting preparedness plans. He also assured that the food items are available in abundance at markets.  

The Committee came out with several measures, including closely monitoring the demand and supply of commodities, and stocks of basic food commodities to early identification of any evolving developments that may require acting fast, while unifying efforts and roles between the government and private organizations concerned on dealing with any difficulties that may hinder food import, transportation and storage, and private sector empowerment, in addition to tightening control over the quality and safety of the food supply. 


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