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 MEWA's labs pass proficiency testing for 9 epidemic and zoonotic diseases



The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture's laboratories have passed the proficiency testing for 9 epidemic and zoonotic diseases after participating with 8 reference laboratories specializing in proficiency testing and reference materials such as ANSES laboratory, CIRAD laboratory, Venezie Institute and Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute. 

"Proficiency testing is an important tool for monitoring the quality and performance of the laboratories in accordance with certain international reference standards, to provide the highest level of services in line with the Saudi Vision 2030.", said Dr. Hamad bin Abdulaziz Al-Batshan, Deputy Minister for Animal Resources.

This aims to improve labs efficiency by documenting the results in accordance with the highest international standards, as well as to improve quality control, increase the operational efficiency of the ministry's laboratories, promote and sustain services and use available resources optimally, he added. 

The ministry also seeks to expand the scope of proficiency testing to build the capacity of technical cadres to coincide with the development of modern technologies in the Ministry's laboratories, in line with strategic plans and keeping pace with developments in the field of laboratories.

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