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 MEWA: desert locust situation stable and 2600 ha treated in the Eastern Region



The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture reassures the public and confirms that the desert locust situation is stable in the Eastern region. According to the Locusts and Migratory Pests Control Center's ground control teams, an area of 2,600 hectares has been successfully treated in the governorates, agricultural areas and the border centers, indicating that there have been no swarms in the cities, except in separate spots in some places.

The ministry pointed out that 43 ground control teams are currently carrying out desert locust survey and control operations in all governorates of the Eastern Region, as they have treated many agricultural areas, towns and villages using 1950L of pesticides. 

The teams have collaborated with the relevant authorities to cover all farms, outside urban areas and the residential neighborhoods within it, and to provide the ministry’s branch with the technical and material support to secure necessary insecticides. The teams confirmed achieving satisfactory results, and that they are monitoring the swarm movement to immediately control any swarms settled in the region, said the ministry.

About the locust’s situation in the governorates, cities and agricultural areas the ministry affirmed that there are no locust swarms recorded in AlDammam governorates and Hafr Al Baten. There are remains of swarms of locusts in the governorates of Khobar, Qatif, Al-Ahsa, Bqaiq, Alia village and Atfih, west of the airport, Riyadh-Dammam highway, Malija, Al-Sarrar, and the Kuwait-Saudi Arabia borders, but swarms were present along the Oman-Saudi Arabia borders, according to the ministry.

The ministry called on all to report any cases of locusts by using “Balegh” e-application or the WhatsApp: 0530233560.


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