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 Saudi Arabia receives over 40,000 sheep from Spain



As part of its efforts to support the local market and maintain price stability, the Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture announced the arrival of two shipments of 40,500 heads of sheep at Jeddah Islamic Port on April 16-17, 2020. This brings the total number of cattle which have been cleared for entry into Saudi Arabia to 134,101 sheep since the beginning of April.

The ministry said that both ships came from the port of Cartagena, Spain. The first ship arrived with 21,000 heads of sheep on board, while the second one was carrying up to 19,500 heads of sheep.

The Ministry pointed out that all sheep were examined and tested upon arrival at the port of entry, and lab test results confirmed the absence of any epidemic diseases.

The sheep were healthy and free from any epidemic diseases and that all quarantine procedures set out in the GCC Veterinary Quarantine Law and its executive regulations in the Kingdom were applied before releasing them, said the ministry.


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