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 MEWA launches green campaign to plant 10 million trees in 165 sites


The Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, in cooperation with the National Center for Vegetation Cover, public and private sectors, has launched the "Let's Make It Green" campaign to plant 10 million trees by the end of April 2021. 

This initiative is meant to give momentum to tree planting in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and will run from October 10 until April 30, 2021. 

The initiative comes as part of the ministry's utmost efforts to increase vegetation, reduce desertification, restore biodiversity, rehabilitate affected natural areas, promote pro-environmental behaviors, protect the environment and improve the quality of life. 

The campaign targets 165 sites across all regions of the Kingdom. It involves planting of endangered trees and shrubs in areas which were environmentally degraded due to overgrazing, logging, uprooting and urban sprawl. 

The tree-planting campaign includes planting several national parks, sowing seeds in different regions, afforestation in Najran and Al-Baha regions, mangrove afforestation project in Makkah and Jizan regions and the cultivation of sabkhas in several locations.

This green campaign is among several other initiatives launched earlier by ministry as it has signed memorandums of understandings (MoUs) with several entities aimed at planting millions of trees, under the Saudi Arabia's ambitious Vision 2030 plan to increase vegetation and combat desertification in the Kingdom.

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