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12/4/2019 -- 12/4/2019

HRH Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, governor of Riyadh, laid the foundation stone of 42 water projects for the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture (MEWA) with a total cost of SR 3.8 billion. This came during the inauguration of MEWA's new headquarters in Riyadh on Wednesday evening, December 4, 2019.
Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, HE Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture, Abdulrahman Abdulmohsen A. AlFadley welcomed HRH Governor of Riyadh and said: "these projects confirmed the continuing care and attention accorded by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and His Highness the Crown Prince, may Allah protect them, to meet the needs of all citizens."

"These vital projects support the water projects currently underway or implemented; to enhance water resources and ensure sufficient supply of safe and high quality water, in accordance with the pillars of the National Water Strategy which aims to achieve a sustainable water sector that conserves water resources, provides safe supply of water through high quality and efficient services, contributes to economic and social development, promotes effective governance, promotes private sector participation, builds local capacity and stimulates innovation.”, AlFadley added.

"as launching these projects tonight, the amounts of water coming to Riyadh will reach more than 3 million cubic meters per day, thus increasing the water services coverage in Riyadh to more than (95%) and around (57%) for sanitation services. The number of potable water purification plant is 67, while the number of wastewater treatment plants is 17, with approximately 2 million 5500 thousand cubic meters of water treated daily.", he said.

The ceremony included laying the foundation stone for two water projects in Riyadh region at a total cost of over SR 360 million. A project to deliver desalinated drinking water from Dhahrat Laban district in western Riyadh to the governorates of Dhurma, Al-Muzahmiya and Al-Quwaiya, and Qiddiya project with a main water line of 170 km and a capacity of (100) thousand m3 / day. In addition to the establishment of (6) water reservoirs with a capacity ranging between (5) thousand cubic meters and (50) thousand cubic meters for 270 thousand new beneficiaries. The other project included the completion of the first phase of the strategic water plan to improve the efficiency of water system, deliver water to the neighborhoods, north-west of Riyadh, and connect the components of the water recharge system. The project will serve 272,000 beneficiaries by improving operational efficiency in Al Nakheel, Diriyah and Al Khuzami districts.
The inauguration also included the Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) project, the first phase of which included enhancing the delivery of desalinated water to Riyadh by replacing the old transmission lines with new ones, increasing its design capacity by adding advanced technical specifications, including (9) water control valves, and (142) discharge valves, with more than 137 length. These lines were connected to the plants and reservoirs of the daily distribution system in the center, north and south of Riyadh, with a design capacity exceeding (one million and four hundred thousand) cubic meters per day of desalinated drinking water, at cost of over (one billion and five hundred million) Saudi riyals.
Furthermore, the inauguration also included projects implemented by the National Water Company (NWC), which included the strategic storage project with a total capacity of one million cubic meters to serve the neighborhoods east of Riyadh, bringing the total capacity of the strategic storage system in the Riyadh region (6.8) million cubic meters of water, at a cost exceeded (SR 390 million). In addition, 15 water projects supporting infrastructure were also launched in Riyadh and (6) governorates (Majmaah, Zulfi, Remah, Dawadmi, Aflaj, and Sulayyil), with lengths of systems exceeding (400) km, and more than (11,474) household water connections during this year in (41) neighborhoods, to serve more than (647,710) new beneficiaries, so that water services coverage in the Riyadh region will reach (95%), at a cost of over SR 600 million.

NWC also implemented (23) sewage projects to increase the coverage of environmental services in the Riyadh, through the implementation of more than (524) kilometers of systems, and more than (16) thousand household sewer connections in (31) neighborhoods in the region this year, to serve (1,220,170) new beneficiaries, bringing the coverage of environmental services by about (57%). In addition to the removal of environmental damage in several neighborhoods of Riyadh and a wastewater treatment plant at a cost of over SR 700 million.
Moreover, a 14-kilometer-long main water line project was inaugurated using a horizontal hole to serve future projects being implemented in the western neighborhoods of Riyadh city and linking it to the sewage treatment plant in Manfouha district, at a cost of over SR 116 million. In addition to a project aims to develop and increase the efficiency of wastewater treatment plant in Manfouha district, Riyadh by increasing the treatment capacity by (100) thousand cubic meters per day, bringing the total treatment capacity to (700) thousand cubic meters per day, at a cost of over SR 129 million.

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