Tasks and Responsibilities:

1. Developing policies, legislations، rules, strategies and regulatory frameworks related to meteorology. 
2. Adopting plans and implementation mechanisms proposed for meteorology sector. 
3. Ensuring effectiveness and suitability of programs and procedures needed for the implementation of meteorological strategies and plans, capacities and competencies development, and other operational procedures.
4. Representing Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the regional and international forums, conferences, conventions and protocols that is related to meteorology to protect the interests of the Kingdom and ensure its commitment to the regional and international meteorological conventions in a complementary manner with the relevant authorities.
5. Carrying out meteorological studies.
6. Identifying and pursuing privatization and investment opportunities in the fields of meteorology in coordination with the relevant authorities in the Ministry.
7. Ensuring effectiveness and suitability of programs and procedures to provide protection against weather risks, as well as responding to environmental emergencies in coordination and cooperation with the relevant authorities.
8. Coordinating with specialized international and regional organizations to benefit from their expertise regarding meteorology.
9. Coordinate with universities and specialized institutions to develop the appropriate academic programs for human resources development and training to support the meteorology sector.
10. Submitting periodic reports to the relevant authorities to take appropriate decisions.
11. Performing any other tasks assigned.