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 42 Veterinary Facilities Fined for Violating Veterinary Professions Law


The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture (MEWA) has fined as many as 42 veterinary facilities with more than SAR 500,000 for violating the Veterinary Professions Law during the first half of this year.
They were reprimanded for breaches that included unlicensed operation of facilities and practicing veterinary and para-veterinary medicine as well as conducting surgeries at unequipped places. The violation list includes unlicensed actions to turn vet clinics into animal sheds, failing to provide breeders with the necessary information on dates of vet drugs and supplies arrival in addition to the illicit trading of expired vaccines. The fined facilities included 36 veterinary drug stores, five clinics and a storehouse of pet birds which was practicing veterinary medicine without a license. 
In this context, Head of the Animal Resources Department Dr. Ibrahim Qassim said that the punitive measures came out to regulate veterinary work at these facilities. He added the beneficiaries shall make sure facilities and practitioners have valid professional licenses to provide vet services. Licensed vet practitioners have passed special tests by the ministry which made sure that they were holding valid certificates to carry out the job, Dr. Qassim said.
Dealing with unlicensed practitioners might result in death of animals, he added, saying the beneficiaries would suffer the loss as long they deal with people who were unchecked. The official called for more cooperation with the ministry to report unlicensed places and people. Also, he asked people to call 8002470000 for emergency cases and for more information on the animal resources. He vowed all reports received over phone would be dealt with the necessary care and due attention


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