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 Agricultural GDP reaches to SAR 72.25 billion in 2021



In 2021, agriculture output of Saudi raised to 72.25 billion SAR  in growth 7.8% compared with 2020 which achieved 67.05 billion SAR. This growth is the highest in more than 5 years.

This growth was the result of the Ministry's implementation of plans and strategies in accordance with the objectives of Vision 2030 and recovered from crisis Covid-19.Agricultural output achieved in 2017 about 65.29 billion SAR , in 2018 about 65.49 billion, 66.20 billion SAR  in 2019, and about 67.05 billion SAR  in 2020.

The sector's contribution to GDP was 2.3% last year, while agricultural output to non-oil GDP was 3.6%, up 0.2% from the previous year 2020, with agricultural output contributing 3.4%.agricultural crops such as dates, vegetables and fruits.

MEWA indicated that the balance of trade of Saudi had a surplus of 462.5 billion SAR, up from 2020, which achieved 134.5 billion. The agricultural trade balance deficit decreased to 64.59 billion SAR, compared to 72.96 billion SAR in 2020. This was due to the decline in agricultural imports during the previous year. As a result of the Ministry's adoption of agricultural plans and strategies that contributed to supporting local production, increasing self-sufficiency rates and achieving food security. These programs include the Food Security Strategy and the Rural Development Program, which utilize innovation and technology to improve productivity. The goals of these programs are to promote sustainable agricultural systems and output in alignment with Vision 2030. This requires managing natural resources over the long term. This development came because of support programs directed at stimulating the agricultural sector to reach the targets set by the national strategy for agriculture and the introduction of a number of investment opportunities to enhance productivity and provide local food products with a comparative advantage in local markets. All this contributed to the Kingdom achieving high rates of self-sufficiency in several food products, including animal products such as milk, eggs, meat, fish, vegetable products and fruits.

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