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 Whole of the government


The Whole-of-Government approach is one of the main pillars of KSA digital strategy. The public sector plays a highly effective and vital role in the ongoing e-government progress in the Kingdom, through the achievements of different government bodies or through the laws and regulations related to the e-government. 

This approach aims at coordinating efforts of the different government entities to provide services in an integrated and smooth way. The main vision of this approach is to create a comprehensive government that achieves sustainable development in the IT sector and realizes cooperation among different government entities through the 'whole of government' approach. 

The whole-of-government program and the efforts exerted by all government entities and the private sector in this regard seek realizing the Saudi Vision 2030. Among the objectives of this Vision 2030 is driving KSA to be among the first five countries on UN E-Government Index, through the smart government approach, the optimal use of information technology and communication and the simplification of government procedures.

The e-Government Program, Yesser, supports the attainment of these objectives through the effective and integrated use of information technology and communication, connecting different government entities and exchanging data through Government Secure Network and the Government Service Bus.

Saudi government bodies made a remarkable progress towards realizing the smart government, as it requires joining hands and forces of all government entities and institutions towards 
 the whole of government concept. Driven by its belief in cooperation for achieving this goal, MEWA has made a great progress towards achieving the optimum application of many concepts, including open data, data analysis, electronic security, smart devices applications, and work integration of the public sector, private sector and beneficiaries.

MEWA has achieved integration with a number of government entities, as it currently uses the services of:

​Government entity​Service​Systems that use the service
Ministry of Commerce and Industry Commercial register

Supplier & Contractor Portal

Hassad System

Ministry of Finance
Issuing payment orders Client Service
General Authority for Zakat and Tax Zakat certificate Supplier & Contractor Portal Hassad System
Labor Office Scope of work Supplier & Contractor Portal
Ministry of Commerce and Industry
Certificate of the Chamber of Commerce

Supplier & Contractor Portal

Hassad System


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