How MEWA uses your personal information 

This policy covers how MEWA deals with the personal information it collects and receives from beneficiaries. Personal information is your identity information that includes name, ID number, address, email address and phone number. This privacy policy is applicable to MEWA only. This policy is not applicable to persons who are not employees of MEWA and are not managed or supervised by it.‎ 

Information Gathering and Use

MEWA collects personal information when you register on its website. It may combine your information it has with the information it gets from business partners or other government entities. Upon registration, we request some information, such as name, address, email, date of birth, gender, postal code, job and career.

When you register and log into our services, you are anonymous to us. MEWA collects information about your transactions and the requests you submitted. Then, it receives and records the information automatically from your computer and browser.

MEWA uses the information for the following purposes: MEWA shall contact you via email and SMS to improve the services provided to you, conducts relevant research, and provides statistical reports to decision makers. MEWA reserves the right to send specific correspondences related to MEWA services, such as announcements of new services, amendments to existing services and administrative messages without giving you the chance to decline receipt. 

Editing and deleting your account information

You may edit your account information on MEWA at any time, and you can delete your account through paying MEWA a visit.