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Agency Responsibilities

  • Conducting geological, hydrogeological and geophysical studies, updating mathematical models of water resources assessment (quantity and quality) in the Kingdom, developing the annual water balance, and determining the quantities of safe water withdrawals
  • Contributing to the provision of drinking water to various regions of the Kingdom including groundwater and surface water based on geological, hydrographic and hydrological characteristics of each area.
  • Managing groundwater sources and reservoirs (renewable and non-renewable), maximizing the utilization of surface water, protecting surface water sources, ensuring its sustainability, reusing treated wastewater, rationalizing water use.
  • Licensing water activities (such as water well drilling licenses, water filling station (Ashyab), construction of water factories and desalination plants based on groundwater and ice factories).
  • Regulating water quality and water services provided to beneficiaries.
  • Developing policies governing the water sector.
  • Water research management whether by participation, evaluation, or conducting new researches.
  • Managing the identified threats or risks to the sector and developing suitable plans and strategies to address such risks and reduce the impact on beneficiaries.
  • Planning of water projects and sanitation services in the Kingdom in terms of the demand for water, available water sources, infrastructure, and integration of all systems to achieve safe water supply to all beneficiaries in the Kingdom.
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