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Agency Responsibilities

  • Identifying potential plant pests and their impact on human health and economy and update them in the list of plant diseases.
  • Identifying risks related in the agriculture sector (plant production, prevention and control of pest, plant services, etc.) and cooperating with relevant regulatory units to reduce such risks.
  • Implementing plans to launch agricultural extension programs (video and audio).
  • Developing standards, controls, and policies to serve the objective of agricultural extension services in veterinary, fisheries, organic plant sectors.
  • Supervising activities on plant quarantine in the Kingdom (internal and external) related to plant health and protection.
  • Developing legislation and standards on plant health and protection and plant products safety in cooperation with relevant authorities.
  • Ensuring the application of standards and conditions for agricultural inputs and agricultural machinery in accordance with approved policies and procedures
  • Developing plans and programs aimed at increasing the production of organic plants.
  • Preserving and developing local plant breeding.
  • Developing legislation and regulations for plant production and distribution of production capacity according to the comparative advantage of regions.
  • Developing and implementing plans and programs aimed at balancing agricultural development in the country in light of the comparative advantages of various agricultural areas in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
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