About Vision Realization Office: 

Pursuant to the Royal Decree No. (44643) dated 15/9/1437A.H. (20/6/2016), which approved the establishment of an office to manage the transformative programs in ministries concerned to implement the initiatives of the National Transformation Program. And in accordance with the recommendation made by the Council of Economic and Development Affairs on 25/9/1437H (30/6/2016), these offices were designated as (Vision Realization Offices). 

The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture has established the Vision Realization Office to achieve the following objectives:

- Ensure the Ministry's orientations and strategic objectives are aligned with the Saudi Vision 2030 and the National Transformation Program.
- Achieve integration between the concerned bodies inside and outside the Ministry to unite their efforts and achieve tangible results. 
- Support the implementation of the Program’s initiatives, address issues according to the approved mechanisms.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

1) Contribute to demonstrating the Ministry's strategic plans and align them with the objectives of the Saudi Vision 2030 and the National Transformation Program 2020.
2) Review the performance periodically and measure the achievement of the Ministry's strategies and objectives.
3) Support developing strategic maps and the balanced scorecard for the Ministry's sectors.
4) Support budgeting and budget revision of the National Transformation Program's initiatives.
5) Support prioritizing the Ministry's initiatives and programs and ensure they are aligned with the National Transformation Program.
6) Submit periodic performance reports to evaluate the level of achievement of the National Transformation Program's objectives.
7) Manage all procedures related to the Delivery and Rapid Intervention Center and the National Centre for Performance Measurement "Adaa".
8) Ensure there are operational plans at the sector level to achieve the goals of National Transformation Program.
9) Contribute to the preparation of detailed plans for programs, projects and initiatives of the National Transformation Program of the Ministry in coordination with all organizational units.
10) Contribute to the preparation of the change management plan in the Ministry, including the communication plan and stakeholders' engagement.
11) Cooperate with related entities to ensure that necessary support and guidance are provided in terms of the changes being implemented.
12) Provide project managers with business models and best practices, training and knowledge sharing in this area.
13) Arrange meetings of the steering committee of the Ministry regarding the National Transformation Program and any other related meetings.

Saudi Vision 2030 & the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture

The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture is associated with 9 programs of the Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 Programs through many initiatives and projects led by the Ministry's sectors and sister entities. 

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The National Transformation Program 2020 (strategic objectives and initiatives)

جدول موقع-الحد من التلوث بمختلف أنواعه 23 - 12-01.png

جدول موقع-حماية البيئة  من الأخطار الطبيع 23 - 12-01.png

جدول موقع-حماية وتهيئة المناطق الطبيعية 25 - 12-01.png

                 جدول موقع- ضمان تحقيق الأمن التنموي والغذا 29 - 12-01.png

جدول موقع-ضمان استفادة مستدامة من الموارد 30 - 12-01.png