Tasks and Responsibilities:

Developing and updating manuals and organizational charts based on the strategic direction of the Ministry, as well as the functional organizational structure (main activities and operations) according to the Ministry's requirements, responsibilities, systems and regulations.
Developing and updating the administrative organizational structure (positions) and analyzing all management levels, which include all the functions required. 
Identifying scientific methodologies based on a clear concept of the requirements of institutional excellence and applying the best model support the concept of excellence.
Developing the Ministry's overall quality standards and collecting and analyzing the workflows data in the organizational units with the aim of continuous improvement and disposal of duplicate activities and processes.
Supporting all organizational units in the Ministry to develop and update the policies, procedures and models to reach the concept of total quality. Also, developing plans for periodic and annual review.
Evaluating the efficiency of various operations and ensuring consistency, as well as making suggestions aimed at increasing the effectiveness of these operations.
Managing and reviewing the development process of policies and procedures that are applied in organizational units to ensure effective compatibility between operations and procedures.
Following up the last developments in quality systems and ensure that they are complied with and distributing them among organizational units.