Tasks and Responsibilities:
Collecting data, information, statistics and preparing the strategic plan of the Ministry and constantly updating it in cooperation with all organizational units, developing work plans and disseminating the forms necessary for their implementation.
Identifying the strategic programs, projects, and initiatives which are fall under the strategic plan of the Ministry. Create suggestions regarding promotional and developmental projects and programs in addition to the strategic goals for the next year and follow-up their implementation.
Updating plans and strategic objectives according to the external and internal factors in conformity with the Ministry's directions. Evaluating the strategic plans for the organizational units in the Ministry and ensuring their consistency with the general strategy.
Managing the process of developing and updating the Balanced Scorecard and KPI’s related to the strategic planning and performance according to strategic plans and objectives of the Ministry, and the leading practices.
Collecting information that are related to KPI’s from the organizational units and analyzing them, continued following up their application and achieving their objectives according to all organizational units.
Evaluating the institutional performance and identifying the opportunities for improvement and development based on the performance results. Providing the reports to the senior management and ensure updating the objectives and strategies of the Ministry based on the evaluation results.
Collecting the necessary information for analyzing risk management plans in various activities and programs of the Ministry. Developing the mechanisms, regulations, and procedures to ensure the implementation of the plans. Determining how to assess the level of compliance with approved procedures.
Identifying the various risks in the Ministry and developing the necessary plans to avoid them, reduce their negative effects and identifying the methods that will be taken to deal with them. Set the different priorities and providing the reports in this regard.
Working with the concerned organizational units in order to develop the general strategies of the Ministry to ensure that the risk management strategies are aligned with the goals and strategic plans of the Ministry. Identifying and assessing the risks that are related to various initiatives, projects and programs and providing reports in this regard.
Continued following up the application of the plans of risk management in coordination with the organizational units in the Ministry and reporting them.