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 Controls and Procedures Governing Livestock Export for Establishing Production Projects Abroad


 In aoocrdance with the item (1) of Royal Decree No. 49621 dated 23-7-2018, which provides for granting the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture the authority to issue livestock export licenses for the establishment of production projects, thus promoting of overseas agricultural investment in accordance with the controls and procedures developed by the Ministry for this purpose.


First: the following terms shall have the meanings given next to them, unless the context requires otherwise:


Minister: Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture.


Ministry: Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture.


Investor: Any company or institution possess legal personality in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom.


Livestock: Camels, cows, sheep or both live goats male and female.


Second: Export aims to encourage and support Saudi investors working in breeding and livestock production projects to invest abroad and to contribute to the genetic improvement of some animal breeds.


Third: The purpose of the export is to establish livestock breeding and fattening abroad project.


Fourth: The investor who wishes to export livestock shall apply for livestock export license from the ministry's branch region at port of entry. The export license is to be issued by the Minister 


for the branches of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture in the area to which the animal exit port applies to apply for a livestock export license. The license shall be issued by or on behalf of the Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture.


Fifth: The investor must attach the following documents to the license application:

A) A document approves that the investor has a livestock production project that is fully-established and registered in the country for which livestock exported. Investor must also provide documents approve that the project is ready for operation. 

B) A technical study and livestock production plan.


(C) An import permit from the country for which livestock are to be exported and all the conditions set out by the competent authority of that Country are to be fulfilled.


D) A veterinary health certificate approved by Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture branch office to prove that the livestock are not affected by epidemic and infectious diseases, indicating the number and type of livestock that should be tagged and met with the conditions and health requirements specified by the receiving country.


E) Proof of fines payments, if any, imposed on the investor for violating any of the provisions of the Ministry's regulations.


Sixth: If the documents or information submitted by the investor to the Ministry are proven false, investor shall not be granted a livestock export for a period not exceeding three years, and this shall not prevent taking the legal procedures against him according to the regulations in force in the Kingdom.


Seventh: No violations of the provisions of the Ministry's regulations recorded to the investor.


Eighth: The consignment of livestock should be from the breeds registered with the Ministry and permitted for export.


Ninth: The Ministry may stop exporting or limit the number of livestock allowed to be exported by the investor in accordance with the conditions of supply and demand in the local market.


Tenth: The exported livestock are subject to the sanitary conditions and the quarantine procedures stipulated in the GCC Veterinary Quarantine Law and its executive regulations.


Eleventh: The Ministry shall get a full or partial refund of the value of the government subsidies provided for the livestock permitted for export in including fodder and veterinary services if any.


Twelfth: The Minister may make any amendment to these regulations by adding new provisions or canceling the provisions contained therein in to ensure public interest and to ensure their proper implementation of such provisions.


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