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 General Directorate of Animal Production


About the Directorate
The General Directorate of Animal Production undertakes all production activities in the animal resources sector to meet the community needs in terms of quantity, type, and quality.

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Tasks and Responsibilities

1. Developing legislations and regulations for the production and productivity of livestock including slaughterhouses and holdings and distribution of production capacity according to the comparative advantages of regions in coordination with the relevant organizational unit.
2. Setting priorities and objectives of investment in the animal resources and forage sector, and ensuring that they are aligned with the strategic directions in coordination with the concerned departments.
3. Developing plans, programs, and research agenda aimed at promoting and increasing production, productive efficiency and diversity in animal products in coordination with the Veterinary Health and Control Division. 
4. Strengthen animal resources production systems of all types according to the comparative advantages of the areas in coordination with Veterinary Health and Control Division.
5. Providing technical advice for animal production projects.
6. Conserving and developing indigenous livestock breeds.
7. Adopting and disseminating adapted animal breeds and the use and dissemination of appropriate techniques to increase productivity and improve quality in coordination with laboratories.
8. Develop programs and regulations for the registration and numbering of cattle and control their movements in cooperation with the concerned sector departments and other government departments (Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs).
9. Develop mechanisms for the disposal or reuse of animal residues, and ensure that they are used optimally in coordination with livestock services.
10. Setting standards for raising the quality of animal products from the beginning of the production line at the farm until the beginning of the marketing line to meet the needs of the consumer in coordination with the concerned governmental bodies (Saudi Organization for Standardization, Metrology and Quality) and in coordination with other departments concerned with the sector.
11. Develop legislation and regulations for animal welfare with those concerned in coordination with the departments of the livestock sector and international organizations (GCC, FAO, OIE) and ensure their application.


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