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 General Directorate of Quarantines


About General Directorate of Quarantines:
The Directorate is responsible for developing policies and plans aimed at protecting animal and plant resources in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by controlling the spread of epidemic diseases and transboundary agricultural pests.
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Tasks and Resonsibilities:

1. Implement legislation, policies and technical regulations on the activities of animal and plant quarantines and aquatic animals in the areas and ensure their application.
2. Implement the technical policies, legislation and regulations related to quarantine activities carried out by the relevant sectors.
3. Supervise the implementation of all quarantine activities in the Kingdom and ensure their conformity with the policies, procedures and legislations adopted.
4. Issue import, export and transit permits for live animals, hatching eggs, chicks, aquatic animals and unprocessed animal and plant products.
5. Supervise the movement of imported, exported and in transit consignments to prevent the entry of animal and aquatic animals' diseases and epidemics, and plant pests into the Kingdom.
6. Ensure that the quarantine in the Kingdom's ports and the quarantine in the exporting countries authorized by the Kingdom examine all imported, exported and in transit consignments to ensure that they are free of infectious and epidemic diseases and plant pests. In addition to implementing subsequent quarantine procedures including treating, clearing, executing, re-exporting or quaranting in coordination with the Animal Resources Risk Assessment Division.
7. Setting up for the auditing and examination of documents of imported, exported and in transit consignments.
8. Distributing circular among all quarantine at the Kingdom's ports of consignments infected with diseases, epidemics and plant pests.
9. Provide materials and supplies required for all quarantine in the areas and ensure its implementation and function in accordance with to the procedures adopted.
10. Study and analysis of periodic reports received from quarantine on animal, plant and aquatic organisms' consignments.
11. Develop plans and programs and field visits timetable to all quarantine in the areas and implement them to ensure functioning in accordance with the procedures adopted.
12. Implement standards for the preparation of horse import and export permits after ensuring that they are free of the epidemic and infectious diseases and ensure compliance with horses import conditions of the Kingdom.
13- Approve the opening or closing of the international quarantine of countries exporting to the Kingdom ensure functioning.


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