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 General Directorate of Laboratories



The General Directorate of Laboratories was established in 2003 with the aim of developing animal resources, and addressing epidemic diseases that threaten livestock, and zoonoses that threaten human health. The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture continues to support the laboratories and provide them with a cadre of highly qualified specialists and sophisticated equipment.

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Tasks and Responsibilities:

1- Setting standards, conditions and technical controls for the establishment and operation of veterinary diagnostic laboratories and quarantine laboratories.
2- Issuing licenses for private laboratories and ensure compliance with the approved conditions and standards
3- Setting standards for the needs and requirements for animal diseases diagnosis in line with policies and procedures and in coordination with other relevant departments.
4- Following up on the results and reports of the Ministry’s veterinary laboratories and the private laboratories, in coordination with the concerned departments.
5- Supervising laboratory activities that include laboratory testing and analysis of all samples from clinics and quarantines.
6- Overseeing the implementation of diagnostic tests and ensure that they are applied to the approved standards in coordination with the concerned departments.
7- Supervising the activities of veterinary pharmaceutical products testing centers and laboratories and quality control laboratories for detecting hormone and veterinary drug residues, residues of mycotoxins, pesticides and microbes of food poisoning, and ensure implementing the approved conditions and standards, as well as submitting the necessary reports on this matter in coordination with the Veterinary Health and Control Division.
8- Assessing both locally produced and imported vaccines used in epidemiological control programs in coordination with the concerned departments.
9- Analyzing samples of field survey surveys and applied research for livestock diseases in cooperation with the relevant bodies within and outside the Ministry in line with the Ministry's strategy
10- Theoretical and practical training of the Ministry’s employees on the operation of various laboratory equipment and appliance in the field of veterinary and botanical laboratories.
11- Participating with relevant bodies in research on the development of production and quality control of veterinary vaccines, biological products and laboratory diagnostics.
12- Developing standard lab work methods and laboratory quality systems and apply them to private laboratories
13- Providing consultancy and technical studies in the field of specialization.


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