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 Animal Resources Risk Assessment Division


About Animal Resources Risk Assessment Division:

The Division was established on 22/12/2016 to assess the risks that may affect animals, including all epidemics, transboundary, infectious and endemic, and zoonotic diseases, environmental hazards and other risks which may affect the human health in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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1) Develop mechanisms and methodologies for monitoring and assessing risks related to the animal resources sector in line with the best practices.
2) Identify risks related to the animal sector and cooperate with relevant units to mitigate them.
3) Assess the likelihood of disease spread or entry into the Kingdom and evaluate the consequences.
4) Identify all animal diseases and epidemics and their impact on human health and economy.
5) Develop and update lists of all animal diseases and epidemics, and report to the concerned authorities to take the appropriate action accordingly.
6) Study and analyze the reports issued by international organizations concerned with aquatic animal diseases and circulate all reports on animal diseases, aquatic diseases and plant pests to the concerned authorities.
7) Develop a database of veterinary data and disease spread and share it with breeders and stakeholders.
8) Coordinate with the General Administration of Information Technology regarding the e-services system of animal resources.
9) Develop plans and programs for information centres and early warning canters.
10) Issue periodic and annual reports and statistics related to the animal resources sector after coordination with the relevant authorities within the sector.
11) Supervise the implementation of specific disease contingency plans established by the Veterinary Health and Control Division.
12) Develop mechanisms, methodologies and conditions according to approved models to evaluate the work in the quarantines and the countries of import in coordination with the concerned departments.
13) Implement the procedures for imposing or lifting import ban until the final decision is issued and to inform the concerned authorities accordingly to implement it.
14) Evaluate the epidemiological situation in the countries of import, as well as countries of export, and assess the risks that may result from importing or banning import from those countries following OIE recommendations and with the participation of stakeholders within the sector. Also, prepare and submit final reports and recommendations accordingly.
15) Assess the risks associated with the work of international quarantines exporting to the Kingdom and submit appropriate reports and recommendations in this regard.
16) Cooperate with the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) and other relevant international organizations and report to them the animal health and epidemiological situation in the Kingdom.


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