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Social interaction on the Ministry's social media accounts means implicit acceptance of the conditions and controls governing such interaction. The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture is calling on all portal users to comply with the guidelines and regulations set out below, as these guidelines and regulations aim to achieve the maximum benefit and commitment to the ethics of participation and to ensure proper communication and interaction between the Ministry and the participants: 

- E-Participation should be serious, objective, clear and concise, and the comment should focus on enriching the subject for discussion.
- E-Participation should be written in clear language, considering the rules of the Standard Arabic and dictation as much as possible.
- E-Participation must adhere to the Islamic teachings, national customs and traditions and the laws of the prevailing state.
- You shall comply with to the ethics of dialogue, and avoid racism, sectarianism and tribalism, slander and defame and underestimation.
- You shall not send a post more than once.
- You shall be careful when writing religious texts (Quranic verses and Hadith) to avoid misrepresentation or misspelling and shall not to be used incorrectly.
- You shall respect intellectual property laws and rights and copies, and indicate the references and sources used in the e-participation.
 - You shall not publish personal data such as names, contacts, addresses or use it for marketing purposes to any other party.
- You shall not misuse the Ministry's systems of e-participation in a way that could affect its performance, safety, speed, or continuity, or depriving others of benefiting from it.

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