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2-The Nationality:*
4-Educational Qualification:*

6-Years of practice:*
7-Do you know what Antimicrobials are (incl. antibiotics):*

8-Is there a difference between antimicrobials and antibiotics:*

9-Do you know what is the period of antimicrobial withdrawal from the animal's body:*

10-Do you know what is the Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test:*

11-Are you aware of antimicrobials that are prohibited in some animal species:*

12-Antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infections:*

13-Antimicrobials are used as a major treatment in viral, fungal or parasitic infections:*

14-Frequent use of the same antimicrobial reduces their effectiveness:*

15-Should antimicrobials be used to prevent diseases:*

16-Can biosecurity and hygiene reduce the use of antimicrobials;*

17-Do you recommend vaccination for preventable diseases for animal owners:*

18-Do you think vaccination can help to reduce the use of antimicrobials:*

Usege Of Antimicrobials
19-Only veterinarians are eligible to prescribe drugs for animals:*

20-Do you think taking antimicrobials without a medical prescription should not be allowed:*

21-Do you prescribe antimicrobial (antibiotic) without examing the animal:*

22-Do you explain thoroughly the use and duration of antimicrobials (antibiotics) to the owner:*

23-Do you mention the prohibition period (withdrawal period) in the prescription to the owner:*

24-At present, there is an abuse of antibiotics:*

25-Having a bacterial infection that is resistant to antibiotic treatment is a very serious problem:*

26-I am aware of the regulations regarding the use of antimicrobials :*

27-Is it okay to use antimicrobials (antibiotics) with food/water as a growth promoter:*

28-Which spectrum of antibiotics do you prefer:*

29-Do you keep a drug register (prescription records) :*

30-Do you combine antibiotics to ensure successful treatment:*

31-Do you administrate antibiotics without determining the body weight of the animal:*

32-Do you prescribe antibiotics even if an animal suffering from a hopeless chronic disease:*

33-As a first line of treatment which antibiotics do you prefer using:*

34-Do you consult with other veterinarians when in doubt about the use of an antimicrobial:*

35-Do you know some of the antimicrobial alternatives, if yes, mention a number of them:*

36-Relying on antimicrobials alternatives can prevent and promote animal immunity:*

37-Do you know what the beneficial bacteria (Probiotics):*

Knowledge Of Antimicrobials Resistance
38-Do you know what Antimicrobials Resistance:*

39-Well aware of the severity of Antimicrobials Resistance:*

40-Antimicrobials resistance in animals can be transmitted and affect human health:*

41-Misuse of antimicrobials leads to resistance:*

42-Is it available in your area a laboratory to test for Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test:*

43-Relying on the Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test to diagnose microbes and determine appropriate antimicrobial:*

44-How often do you face treatment failure due to an antimicrobial resistance:*

45-Have you attended any training/conference/seminar/workshop on antimicrobial resistance:*

46-Are you interested in attending any training/conference/seminar/workshop on antimicrobial resistance:*

47-Do you keep up with the most recent antimicrobial research and articles:*

48-Do you respond to a breeder if he insists on giving an antimicrobial without checking the type of infection:*

49-Do you use human antimicrobials in some animal infections:*

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